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Affordable Group Health Insurance Houston Market Offers

There are plenty of affordable group health insurance Houston markets offer to businesses of every size. Group health insurance is used by businesses as an important benefit for employees. Offering health insurance also sends the message the company cares about the health of its employees and wants them to have the comforting knowledge they’re covered in the event of illness or accident. Group health insurance is now able to be offered by even the smallest businesses because of the great group rates which keep plan rates inexpensive.

Gambling at the Casino of Life

When you don’t have health insurance, it’s like gambling at a casino called “Life”. If you’re lucky, you hit the jackpot and never have a serious illness or injury. If you’re unlucky, you end up with doctor and hospital debt that you are unable to pay. Businesses know that the kind of savvy employees they want to hire are unwilling to gamble with their health and want health insurance coverage. In Texas, there is a wide range of affordable group health insurance Houston markets offer so you’re business can be competitive while trying to attract high-quality employees.

Plugging the Nickel

When you go to a casino, you have a choice of games you can play. The one-armed bandits are more than willing to take nickels, quarters or dollars. When you plug your nickels into the machine and hit a jackpot, the win is more precious than if you had fed dollars. With group health insurance, you are paying great rates for coverage that will get you huge winnings in terms of qualified employees. Group health insurance Houston markets offer is an important benefit that most employees insist on now.

Group health insurance plans can be structured in a number of ways. With some plans the company pays all of the coverage for employees. In other plans, the business and employees share the cost of coverage. In still another version, the company may pay for single coverage, while the employee pays the differential expense for family coverage. Group health insurance Houston markets offer the variety of plans, because each company has a different ability to pay for employee benefits. Contact Hodges & Company Insurance today.

Going for the Jackpot

Of course, larger companies may offer more than one plan to employees. When you shop for what the group health insurance Houston market offers, you will find it’s possible to create a menu of plans that give employees a lot of flexibility in terms of coverage and costs. This is a valuable benefit for employees, because in most cases the insurance can even be continued for a designated period of time after leaving employment through Cobra or state continuation.

But just as important is the fact that businesses which take advantage of the affordable group health insurance Houston markets offer are able to prove they truly care about the welfare of their employees. This is like going for the jackpot when you spend your company budget. Not only are your employees covered in the event of illness or accident, but your business generates an immeasurable amount of goodwill.

Hodges & Company Insurance can help tailor a benefits program to meet your companies needs. Family owned and operated representing all the major insurance companies. Contact us today, 1.866.993.9710 or 713.993.9710.

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