Texas Child Medical Insurance

What Texas Child Medical Insurance Will Do

Whether you’re a parent or you’re about to become a parent, you need to think about Texas child medical insurance. Though your child might seem perfect to you and you do everything you can to shelter them from germs and injuries, the truth is that you can’t protect them from everything. To make sure you are doing the best you can for your child, you need to find out more about Texas child medical insurance and why it will save you time and stress in the long run.

Where to Find It

The good news is that you can find Texas child medical insurance quite easily – especially when you already have a health insurance policy in place. Adding on an additional member can be as simple as filling out a form or talking to your insurance company on the phone. You might have to wait for a certain enrollment period to begin, but when you have a child, that’s a defining event that precludes any enrollment period rule. Or you can always look for individual policies for your child, if you’re not already covered yourself.


As your child grows up, they will need a multitude of vaccinations in order to stay healthy and up to date for the classroom. And these vaccines aren’t cheap. With Texas child medical insurance, you can begin to get these partially covered, which will help you save money and still keep your child healthy. Children need vaccines from two weeks after their birth and then at six month intervals for the first few years of life. After that, booster shots and other vaccines may also be indicated.


Since children don’t have as strong of immune systems as adults do, they tend to get sick more often and require frequent trips to the doctor. While these are considered preventative care and there might be a low cost for you to pay, it’s still going to add up if you don’t have insurance in place, these costs will quickly accumulate. And since you don’t want to just let your child suffer or ignore symptoms that might indicate something that’s more serious, you will want to feel as though you can go to the doctor whenever you feel it’s necessary – and that’s where Texas child medical insurance will help.

Children fall and hurt themselves all the time. With Texas medical insurance, you can make sure that ER services are covered as well as urgent care centers. If your child needs stitches or they need more advanced care, you can give your child the care they need without worrying about the bill you will receive or the money you might have to pay up front.

Children require more medical attention as they grow up and explore their world. To make sure you’re giving them the healthiest start possible, you need to choose Texas child medical insurance that fits your budget as well as the potential appointments your child will need. Call Hodges & Company and let them tailor a plan to meet your families needs 1.866.993.9710.

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