Individual Benefits

Individual Benefits include health Insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, retirement planning and annuities. We represent all the major insurance carriers. Our goal is to provide the best service to you, our client.

Individual and Family Health Insurance may not be for everyone, but it does fit a certain niche market. Whether the reason you are looking for individual health insurance is because your Cobra premiums are too high after leaving a job, or if you are self employed or simply because your group health insurance rates are not affordable for you or your family doesnt mean you don’t have any options when it comes to health care.

Let Hodges & Company help you find the best plan that meets your needs and budget. We will shop all the major insurance companies plans and explain to you the differences between them. We can be contacted at 713.993.9710 or toll free at 1866.993.9710. Give us a chance to earn your business!!

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