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Kinds of Health Insurance Dallas Singles Should Have

When talk begins of health insurance, Dallas singles are generally turning away to discuss something else more exciting. In truth, our health is something we generally take for granted, but when you’re a single person, you need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself because no one else will. This means getting comprehensive health insurance. Dallas singles need to make sure that they’ve covered all the potential bases – here’s a checklist to get you started.


If you have a full time job, chances are good that you already have some form of health insurance. Dallas companies are good about offering this to new employees, especially since it enhances their employment package and employee retention. But when you’re offered a health insurance package, it’s a good idea to look it over to make sure it covers the things you need – preventative care, diagnostics, and emergency care. You will also want to see if mental health care is available, reproductive services (for women), as well as rehabilitation care. Your health insurance should be able to cover you no matter what happens in your life.

Dental and Vision

While not considered to be a necessary form of health insurance, Dallas singles should also have some sort of dental and vision coverage as well. Since glasses and contacts are expensive – as are root canals and cleanings for your teeth – you might want to have some form of insurance to help defer the costs. Having these insurance policies in place will also increase your chances of actually visiting these practitioners on a regular basis, which can help you detect troubles before they become too serious.

Long Term Care

Eventually, you might need care in your home for a long term illness or injury. With long term care health insurance, Dallas singles will know that their care is paid for, even should the unexpected occur. Since most health insurance policies don’t cover this kind of care in its entirety, this is a great backup plan for your health and for your body. In the case of rehabilitation, you will be able to stay at a facility or have someone stay with you at your home according to some policies.


You might also want to consider disability health insurance. Dallas singles may not realize that while their medical costs will be covered if they become disabled at work, if you were to get injured outside of work, you’re responsible for these costs. And that’s why disability coverage is so important. It can often help you with bills and other financial troubles until you get back on your feet.

When it comes to health insurance, Dallas singles need to be covered. The good news is that most companies and employers have the capability to cover you in the case of any situation, but you will need to ask about the types of coverage your job qualifies you for and how much more it will cost to get additional coverage. Sure, the premium might mean a smaller paycheck now, but the health care savings is well worth the cost.

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